Oh Tony Montana… Tony Montana of Scarface... If you ask me to summarize Tony Montana in a few words, surely I have an answer for you. But first I want to give a general information about him. Antonio Tony Montana is a fictional character of the movie Scarface. And a character like Tony Montana must be portrayed by Al Pacino. Yes, Al Pacino gave life this character in 1983. And the movie Scarface is directed by Brian DePalma.

Tony Montana is always quip and he trusts nobody. I first saw the movie Scarface when I was 18 and for a young boy like me, Tony Montana character could be one of the most impressive characters I had seen. And it is still… If you watch him, you can see that he has really got a heart but it is just made of steel. Tony Montana risks everything for power and money…

If you did'nt watch this movie, please watch it and try to understand this guy. Is the world really his? =)

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richard - November 11, 2007 at 11:12 AM

and additionally he loves his sister very much..

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