Hey friends! Do you remember this girl? Clémentine =)... I think you must be 20 at least to remember. She was a animated television series (cartoon) character. And the name of the show was the same: Clémentine. She travels the world after with her wheelchair and makes us travel, too. Clémentine is still my favourite animated character. And I think she will always be…

When I look at those old days (my childhood), I see that I was lucky to know a character like that. Because both of the cartoon Clémentine and the character Clémentine were original. The recent animation characters may be worth to see but Clémentine was worth to feel while watching.

I’ve made a research about Clémentine and I have found some useful links for you. When I was making link search, I ve read that a Turkish Movie Company would make a movie of Clémentine. If it is true, it will be wonderful I think.

http://www.planete-jeunesse.com/sources/series.php3?cle=50&sec=1 (in French)
http://www.shefilms.com/ (in English and in Turkish)
http://www.anime.gen.tr/yazi.php?id=59 (in Turkish)
wiki (English)
wiki (French)

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