Yu Hao (fl. 970 AD) was an eminent Chinese architect during the Song Dynasty period (960-1279).

Yu Hao was given the title of Master-Carpenter (Du Liao Jiang), for his architectural skill. He wrote the Mu Jing (Timberwork Manual) when he was active sometime between 965 to 995, considered an important piece of classical Chinese architectural literature, and although it no longer survives, Shen Kuo quoted from it.[2] In 989, his design and architectural engineering work culminated in the construction of the Kai-Bao Pagoda, a wooden Chinese pagoda of medieval Kaifeng (the Northern Song's capital city). The pagoda was lost in a 1040 lightning conflagration, while the now famous Iron Pagoda of Kaifeng was rebuilt on the same spot in 1049, constructed out of brick and stone to resist arson and lightning fires.

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